How to Do a Lap Dance – The “Must Have” Guide to Lap Dancing!

Stun Your Man With a Lap DanceIf there’s one thing that we can all say about lap dancing, it’s that it is NOT easy. Sure, there are people who like to say it’s easy, but that’s only because they know how to do it without looking like a fool and have been doing it for years.

To non-lap dancers, it might as well be rocket science — well, maybe not that advanced, but you get what I mean. Let me put it this way, riding a bike might be “easy” now, but learning to do so all those years ago wasn’t, now was it?

That’s exactly my point — it’s hard to get started, but once you learn the beginners stuff and get the basics down pat, you can quickly move on to advanced moves and become a lap dancing goddess in no time.

I learned lap dancing the old fashioned — from first hand experience, personal lessons, classes, and from so called experts in the field. But at the time, there were few options, and the resources then on how to do a lap dance aren’t nearly what they are today.

Fortunately for you lap dancing enthusiasts, you can learn what you need to in an afternoon without leaving your house, and you can even start practicing the very same day.

The easiest way to do this, of course, is with Lap Dance Unleashed — the all-in-one guide to lap dancing. It teaches you everything you want to know about lap dancing and how you can do it without looking like a fool. And believe me, most people that try to lap dance without the proper know-how look like fools.

Now, I could go on & on & on about why this is so much better/cheaper than classes, personal one-on-one lessons, and cheap DVD lessons, but I won’t waste any more of your time than I have to. Instead, I’ll just highlight the very best aspects of the guide and why it’s the absolute best tool for anyone wanting to learn how to lap dance.


– Over 10 video lessons which will take all the mystery out of learning how to lap dance like a pro. See the moves with your own eyes!

– An 8-part well detailed guide explaining the moves, steps and routines often used by the top professional exotic dancers.

 – Contains Over 50 large, full-resolution pictures – they show you EXACTLY how to perform each of the steps & moves – makes learning super easy & even fun.

– All Instant Online Videos. You can watch them anywhere, at anytime, from any computer. No shipping, no lengthy downloads, and no “physical evidence” (I.E. embarrassment) of what you’re doing.

– Find out what to wear and how to wear it for the best performance. Lap dancing clothes are often just as important as the dance itself! Picking the wrong outfit could ruin the entire performance!

– How to pick the hottest, most seductive music for your performance. Music is another overlooked aspect, but it can make all the difference.

– Simple Secrets to Seduce Any Man (World’s Most Powerful Aphrodisiac Revealed!)

– A 30-minute, in-depth audio interview with Tiffany Claire and Jay Archer (Lap Dancing Experts), answering your most important questions about giving a lapdance.

…Check Out The Website of Lap Dance Unleashed to Learn More About It…

Those features by themselves are fantastic and nothing more is really needed (in my opinion), but a bonus offer is thrown on top just to sweeten the deal a bit more…

(4 Free reports, Instant Downloads)
1) Unleash Your Sensual Confidence

2) The Erotic Tutorial
3) Eliminate Nerves & Jitters
4) 5 Tips To Look Good Naked

I often forget that many people have severe self-confidence issues and the idea of lap dancing for a husband or boyfriend scares them senseless.

That’s why these 4 reports are such a great bonus; as they’ll tell you exactly how to get over these fears quickly and effortlessly.

The 8 parts that the course is broken down into are so thorough and refined that no question will go unanswered & no move will go unmentioned. You’ll be able to flow from one part to the next without any trouble, guaranteed.

Does It Really Work?

Well, this isn’t a skin cream or remedy, so I can’t just say “YES, It Works!”

If you use “Lap Dance Unleashed” as it’s outlined and follow the instructions as they are laid out for you, then yeah, it “works” and will indeed teach you how to do a lap dance like a pro.

I’ll even go as far to say that you could become a professional erotic dancer if you wanted to — that’s how good “Lap Dance Unleashed” really is.

However, and this is very important, if you “skim” it and pay no attention to the tips, advice, and instructions, then no, it won’t have any impact on your lap dancing performance. It’ll do nothing for you.

The information and guidance is laid out in plain language that anyone can understand, you just have to follow it. That said; Read the guide, watch the videos, follow the instruction, and practice. Do that and you WILL master the art of lap dancing, guaranteed.

How Much Does it Cost?

It normally costs $47 for “Lap Dance Unleashed”, but recently, they cut $20 bucks off the price, making it now $27 total — which is quite the steal in my opinion. I don’t know if this is a temporary sale OR if it’s a permanent price reduction — it’s more than likely a temporary sale, in my opinion.

I thought it was a pretty good deal at $47, because even that price is still light years better than spending $100’s on classes and personal lap dancing lessons over weeks & weeks.

At $27, well, it’s really a no-brainer in my book, as you can literally learn everything you need to about lap dancing for LESS THAN the cost of dinner for 2 at a nice restuarant.

And not that it needs one, but a 60-day, money back guarantee is also offered in case your unsatisfied for some reason. I can’t imagine anyone would be disappointed with what “Lap Dance Unleashed” has to offer, but at least you have the option in case you’re unhappy.

Update: There is now a $47 option again and it’s for the “Ultimate Fantasy Package”. The extra stuff doesn’t have anything to do with lap dancing as far as I can tell — it’s more about erotic relationship stuff. I haven’t read the material or seen it, so I can’t really comment. It’s up to you if you want to spend the extra $20 on that.

Lap Dancing

Is “Lap Dance Unleashed” Worth It?

Absolutely. If you’re eager to learn how to do a lap dance — be it for your husband, boyfriend, or you want to make a career out of it — then “Lap Dance Unleashed” is a must-have. It’s cheap, easy to understand and follow, and it legitimately shows you how to do a lap dance like a pro.

Now, am I saying you MUST get “Lap Dance Unleashed” in order to learn how to do a lap dance? Not at all.

big thumbs upIt’s very possible to learn how to do a lap dance all on your own from videos, free how-to guides, pictures, and even forums. However, learning this way is going to take a lot of time and trial and error.

I don’t know how much your time is worth, but for $27, I’d rather get the information in a nice, neatly packaged bundle instead of gathering every piece of information by myself. Sorting through thousands of pages of crap & non-sense videos to find a few golden nuggets of information is not my idea of a good time — but hey, it’s your call.  =====> Go to The “Lap Dance Unleashed” Website Now

Well, if you’re still not convinced, even after everything I’ve told you, then perhaps some testimonials will help make up your mind. These are from real customers of “Lap Dance Unleashed”, take a look…

Okay, I’m Convinced — Take Me To “Lap Dance Unleashed” Now

How To Lap Dance – 7 Important Tips for Beginners!

Lap Dance Beauties

If you’re looking for easy lap dancing tips that will help you with how to lap dance without looking like a total fool, then you’re in the right place! While the 7 lap dancing tips below won’t turn you into a master of lap dancer overnight, they will give you a significant push in the right direction.

My 7 Awesome Tips for How to Lap Dance Better…

1. Invest Wisely in Your Art, Not Foolishly

You can take an intro to lap dancing class at a dance studio or fitness center near you for quick, in-depth instructions, but this is the most expensive option — and isn’t wise if you’re on a budget, since you will be paying an hourly rate or set fee for each class. On top of that, who’s to say that the class isn’t a farce and is being led by a failed lap dancer? For the money you’ll have to pony up, this option just isn’t wise on any level.

There are plenty of less expensive ways to learn how to do a lap dance like a pro; including online course, online videos, & how-to guides, or even a quick trip to your local strip club, where you can watch the pros in action with your own eyes.

2. Check Out DVD Lessons & Online Courses

Online lessons & how-to courses are less expensive and they offer step-by-step instructions. Also, another affordable training method available is via audio/video DVD sets, which you can purchase once and always have available.

Many DVD’s like these will teach you the basics of beginners lap dance but leave out the more “advanced” moves and techniques. Not the perfect solution for learning how to do a lap dance, but a good place to start nonetheless

3. Increase Your Fitness & Strength

Since strength and fitness are a lap dancer’s best assets, one of the most helpful lap dancing tips is to exercise regularly.

Lap Dancing

Sit-ups, crunches and jack-knife exercises are highly beneficial for strengthening your core; as are lunges and squats to strengthen and tone your leg muscles. Alternate upper and lower body workouts every other day, for a total of six workouts per week; with one day off for rest.

You didn’t really think you’d be able to become a lap dancer with extensive “coach potato” training now did you? Nope! Lap dancers are, in most cases, physically fit and well ready to “perform” for long periods of time.

I’m not saying you have to tone up into a “fitness model” or anything like that, but you will have to start getting into shape.

If you’re only learning how to do a lap dance for your husband/boyfriend, this might not be as important, as I doubt you’ll be doing it for several hours a day.

FYI; This lap dancing tip is more for “career” lap dancing enthusiasts.

4. Use What You’ve Already Got 

How to Lap DanceYou don’t have to have a lot of fancy equipment if you want to become a talented lap dancer. Your tools of the trade include a sexy, but durable & comfortable lap dancing clothes, a little makeup & accessories, and a lap.  A chair with arms sturdy enough to support your weight is adequate for practice.

5. Work On Your Moves

Crank up your sexy music and keep practicing your routines until you can do them without hesitation and without second guessing yourself. The more polished your performance, the better the end result; happier husband/boyfriend or much larger tip!

6. Wear Quality Garments

Perhaps you have an extensive lingerie wardrobe, which is fine if you only plan to dance for your mate/date. If you’re preparing for a career as a lap dancer & erotic dancer, you will want to invest in high quality, comfortable clothing; either locally or online. I highly doubt the /mart stores have the kind of lap dancing clothes you need — but feel free to look anyway.

7. Wear Shoes You Can Dance In

If you’re about to start your first gig as an exotic dancer, take care to select shoes that are approved by club management; bosses don’t want any liability issues caused by falls in stiletto heels. Be sexy, but practical. Satin ballet type slippers and sensible riding boots are still sexy, and probably the safest bet! However, if you can move in them and do your routine in them without fear of injury, then choose whatever you like.

If you’re serious about learning how to lap dance and don’t want to put anything to chance, I recommend “Lap Dance Unleashed”. It can teach you everything you want to know and more about the art of lap dancing. Read my review here…

learn how to strip

Reasons to Lap Dance – It’s Not Just For Strippers!

StrippersMost folks, when they hear the term ‘lap dancing,’ automatically think of strippers and topless bars in the sometimes shadowy world of adult entertainment.  While it is true that lap dancing occurs at such locales, these are by no means the only places where the practice of this ancient art takes place.

Although technically not the ‘world’s oldest profession,’ seductive dancing has been occurring since the beginning of… well, since the beginning!

Whether as part of sacred reproductive ceremonies in tribal and pagan cultures, a well paying temporary job, career path,  or just for the fun of it; women have been dancing to trigger sexual arousal in men forever. That’s a fact not likely to change any time soon.

Lap DanceThese days, lap dances are by no means limited to the repertoire of professional strippers. The modern lap dance has become an enjoyable and stimulating mating ritual performed by women for their husbands/boyfriends; a fun and stimulating form of exercise dance, a challenging new skill to learn – either as a hobby or, yes – a means by which a woman can seduce a man for whatever purposes.

Furthermore, lap dancing does remain one of the more lucrative methods of earning a decent living, if you’ve got the skills and know how to use them. Not to mention, lap dancing is a relatively easy job which offers flexible scheduling. Many students dance professionally to pay for their education and living expenses.

Other women make a career of lap dancing, working throughout their late teens and twenties into their thirties and beyond. Lap dancing is after all, good exercise that can help anyone stay in great physical shape. You might think that sounds ridiculous — but when was the last time you saw an overweight lap dancer?

There are also some women who want to become proficient at giving lap dances because this gives them another tool of seduction to use for attracting men, since human male usually does respond quite readily to the visual and occasional tactile stimulation that are inherently applied during a lap dance. For most men, the lap dance is “hook, line, and sinker” as they put it.

Lap Dancing

Whether her style is more shimmy and shake, look but don’t touch, “touch but not too much”,  or use your imagination, any woman with a little talent can exercise a lot of influence over just about any man.

So, whether you’re looking for a relatively easy career that pays well; you want to surprise your special guy or spice up your relationship; whether you want to learn a new skill for the exercise or the fun of it; or if you’re one of those ladies who can’t resist engaging her substantial influence over men; then learning how to do a seductive lap dance is definitely worth your time and effort!

Lap Dancing Lessons – Do You Really Need Them?

Lap Dancing Aint EasyOnce upon a time, lap dancing was considered by mainstream society as a seedy activity  which only occurred in back rooms at the strip club or  x rated video store.

But that’s no longer the case, as modern suburbia has seen a surge of interest in lap dancing. Women today consider lap dancing as a form of exercise, an enjoyable pass time, alternative lifestyle activity, a treat for a lover, useful tool for spicing up a relationship, or as another weapon in the femme fatales’ seduction arsenal.

Whether you re looking to spice up a relationship, treat your man with something special, learn an enjoyable, challenging new exercise form or an edge in the sport of seducing wealthy, powerful men, lap dancing lessons can teach you all the sexy, sultry moves used by professional strip tease artists in gentleman’s clubs everywhere.

Local Lap Dance Classes – Are They Needed?

Lap Dance ClassesIf you live in or near a metropolitan area, there are probably multiple dance studios and fitness clubs offering beginner’s and intermediate lap dance classes. These classes are most likely led by instructors who are familiar with, or have experience in the adult entertainment industry. In other words, they’ve worked as exotic dancers themselves and know how to teach you the “tricks of the trade”.

While it is true that these educators are very capable of teaching the skills and knowledge necessary to seriously pursue lap dancing as a career or hobby; this particular method of instruction is far from cost effective.

The Cost of Personal Lap Dancing Classes

When taking live lap dancing lessons, you are paying an hourly rate or a course fee for X amount of classes. Which is fine, if you have deep pockets and are not concerned with how much money you spend. However, you should know that single classes can cost more than a hundred dollars apiece; while courses of 8 to 10 classes may cost around $500 or more.

How Much Does Lap Dances Lessons Cost

If you’re like most of us, money is always a factor. Just about everyone is looking to save money in some way or another; be it on gas, groceries, utility bills, or in this case, on lap dancing lessons. That said, if you’d like to find affordable lap dance classes, the best place to start looking is, of course, online and sites like this one.

Online Courses and Videos for Beginner Lap Dancers – The Better Option?

There are a multitude of blogs hosted by former strippers who’ve decided to offer their knowledge and experiences to anyone who wants to learn the tricks of the trade, for a price FAR, FAR lower than live classes. You’ll spend a fraction on their courses/videos compared to live lap dance lessons.

If you want the cheapest route possible, then  audio/video lap dance instructions are usually the way to go. A DVD set  might cost $69 to $129.  Single DVDs  are available in the $29 to $49 range as well. It just depends on what you’re looking for.

These don’t offer personal one-on-one feedback such as you’d get in a live class — but such “critique” is often overrated.  And as with most things, the best products are not necessarily the most expensive — but they are rarely the cheapest, either. Shop around, and take a look at multiple sites before you choose a product  or online program offering lap dance classes.

Lap Dance Instructions – Basic Etiquette for Beginner Lap Dancers

If you’re wondering why men are so willing to frequent a strip club, spend on average 50% more for watered down drinks, and stuff twenty dollar bills into the bras and panties of women who, on the street might not even give them the time of day, it’s pretty simple. The ladies of the strip club scene  know how to get a guy hot and bothered; and most guys like getting hot and bothered!

There are some misconceptions about the profession, however. If you’ve ever considered pursuing a career in the field of adult entertainment, there are some basic rules and tips you’ll definitely want to know.

You Can’t Just “Jump In & Be Good”, It’s Not That Easy…

Whatever your reasons for dancing, it’s in your best interest to take beginners lap dance instructions before you perform in front of a live audience.

Lap dancing may be easy to to learn but it is not easily self-taught and you’ll be mediocre if you try it without proper instruction. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a lot for lap dance instructions at a professional dance school either. Audio presentations and how-to guides are far more affordable and “schedule friendly”. Within an hour, you can learn the basic moves, “flourishes”, and etiquette of beginner lap dancing.

Lap Dances Oh Yeah

Before giving your first live performance, you must put in some practice time. While not difficult, lap dance moves can feel awkward at first.  You don’t want to slip and fall, especially in close proximity to the target of your performance. If you hurt him – down there – he will not appreciate it in the least,  and your efforts will be for naught.

Choosing the Right Lap Dance Outfit…

Third on this list of lap dance instructions is to invest in quality lap dancing attire. That does not include the raunchy costumes you saw hanging in the costume store last Halloween.

Lap Dance ClothesBuy clothing that’s well made, easy to move around in, easy to put on and take off.  If you get a job at a strip club, you will probably work three or four ‘sets’ of two or three songs per shift. You’ll want to be fresh when you accept bookings for private dances.

If you’re  a non-pro with an audience of one boyfriend, husband or other lucky guy, you will still need  different outfits for future performances. Check online adult entertainment apparel retail sites, as well adult toy, novelty and lingerie shops for different styles of clothes and outfits.

Here’s a separate, mini-set of lap dance instructions for the working girls….

If you are a rookie, there are rules for staying in good stead with your fellow dancers,   and for your own safety.

1. Be professional and NEVER bend the rules of the house.

If there’s a no-contact policy, don’t let your client touch you, no matter how well he tips, or how much you like him. There may be local ordinances in place that consider physical contact during a lap dance as a form of prostitution. Know the law for your sake, and your employer’s.

2. Don’t perform a lap dance on the floor when another girl is on stage.

This distracts from her performance and her tips. There are back rooms for private dances. Your boss can inform you regarding proper protocol for the establishment.

3. Finally, and most importantly, have fun with it!

Best Lap Dancer Clothes – What Should You Wear?

Lap Dancer ClothesQuality clothes for lap dancing  should be able to stand up to the constant motions erotic dance as well as the action of taking them off or putting them on! While in some lap dancing instances you may want to rip your clothes off; you’ll also want to make sure that only happens when it’s supposed to!

There are several avenues of finding quality lap dance clothing; however, these outfits tend to cost a bit more than costume quality attire. Of course, they are more durable, look nicer and will give you more for your money in the long run!

Being sexy is a state of mind, and feeling your sexiest begins with the clothes you’re wearing. Whether you’re looking for the confidence that wearing sexy lap dance clothes brings, providing a visual treat for that special someone, or adding to a professional wardrobe of lap dancing outfits, a great place to start shopping for naughty but nice garments is online at a variety of online internet sites.

There are several schools of thought when it comes to lap dancing clothes. The  majority of  lap dancing outfits come in two pieces. The top is usually some type of bra or halter top; while the bottoms can vary from long pants, to shorty shorts or skirts of various lengths.

Lap Dancing Clothing

There are flippy short skirts, standard mini skirts, and ultra tight short skirts cut on the bias. In the pants department, options range from skin tight leather to flowing genie-in-a-bottle pants. Shorts, typically small and tight, are designed to match the accompanying top  in terms of style and fabric.

Of course, there are theme lap dancing outfits available for professional and personal use. Perennial favorites are the nurse and maid outfits, but there are many interesting and unique costumes as well.

Outfits For Lap DancingThere are the school girl uniforms, and German style peasant skirts with off the shoulder  blouses that offer a tantalizing peak of the bust line. Band majorette and cheer leading uniforms exist, as well as the all black outfits with leather boots, belts and accessories for girls who want to play the dominatrix roles as well. True lap dance clothes offer enhanced flexibility to give performers a full range of free movement.

Of course, no clothes for lap dancing are complete without shoes. The number and styles of footwear to compliment your lap dancing attire are only limited by your imagination.

There are boots, stiletto heels, even low heeled belly dancing slippers for gals that don’t care to wear six inch spikes under your heels. Shoes and attire for lap dancing have advanced just as far as erotic dancing has. Just take a browse online or visit some specialty stores to jump start your imagination and inspire your own unique look.

The Art of Seductive Lap Dancing – Surprise Your Man!

Lap DanceIf you’re looking for a way to keep your man at home, re-light the fires of passion and make certain you’re the only woman he fantasizes about, treating him to a surprise lap dance is one fool proof way to make all that happen. This article is designed to let you in on a little secret about what your man really wants in a woman, and why capitalizing on this secret can help you maintain a happy, healthy, sizzling hot, sexy relationship with your man.

~ What a Man Wants ~

Nothing turns a man on like being teased by a woman who loves sex as much as he does! What man wouldn’t want a sexually confident woman who enjoys turning her man on? Most men fantasize about a woman who’s a lady in the boardroom and a vamp in the bedroom!

Unfortunately for most couples, after the courtship is over and the newness of the relationship has begun to fade, sex becomes a routine; and often a boring one at that. Men are hard-wired to be sexually motivated by visual stimulation. They also crave originality and the thrill of seduction and conquest. It really doesn’t matter much who’s doing the seduction and conquering, either.

The point is this: the same old sexual routine of a long term relationship may become boring for most men. When or if that happens, there’s a chance that some men will stray. This does not mean that your man will cheat on you. But he may fantasize about other women, such as the centerfold models in the porn magazines, the gals at the office or the flirty waitress at the cafe where he eats lunch every day.

~ Become Your Man’s Fantasy ~

Even if you’re not a classic beauty, and you’re not as thin as you think you should be, you can make sure you’re the only woman your man ever thinks about!

Even if you’ve never done anything like lap dancing before, you can learn how to give him a sensual, seductive lap dance that is guaranteed to turn him on! When a a self assured woman who’s confident of her own sexual prowess walks into a crowded room, every man looks her way. They can’t help but think she’s sexy!

The problem for most women is that they don’t know how to move the way she does, the way a talented exotic entertainer does during a lap dance. Fortunately, the skills necessary to give a stimulating lap dance can be taught to anyone who’s willing to learn them!

~ It’s Not Just Pornography ~

Sexy Lap DanceThere are women who would balk at the idea of lap dancing for any man, because they consider it a vulgar form of live pornography. But high levels of skill, athleticism and creativity can qualify this type of erotic entertainment as a true art form.

The classic lap dance can transcend raw sexual eroticism, although it’s hard to defend that point of view if all you’re doing is thrusting your pelvis to the beat of the music. The best lap dancers work very hard to choreograph and produce artistic, visually stunning erotic performances.

The best lap dances are combination gymnastics, belly dancing, modern dance and traditional ballet moves, which require impressive physical and artistic abilities. But that’s not all… a certain mental agility is required for a dancer to produce a performance that is both alluring and seductive — not to mention “arousing”.

~ Take Time to Develop Your Skill ~

Learning the art of lap dancing isn’t particularly difficult. With the right motivation and a little practice, you can learn to lap dance in a relatively short time. Then you will know how to make the kind of moves that will definitely seduce your man!

Keep in mind, however, that learning the erotic art of lap dancing isn’t particularly easy, either. There are certain moves and other elements of dance that you should study and practice if you want to develop skills as your man’s favorite lap dancer.

You may decide to take lap dancing lessons, so you can develop the confidence to put on a scintillating performance for your man. That should keep him home at night, and fantasizing about you during the day!