How To Lap Dance – 7 Important Tips for Beginners!

Lap Dance Beauties

If you’re looking for easy lap dancing tips that will help you with how to lap dance without looking like a total fool, then you’re in the right place! While the 7 lap dancing tips below won’t turn you into a master of lap dancer overnight, they will give you a significant push in the right direction.

My 7 Awesome Tips for How to Lap Dance Better…

1. Invest Wisely in Your Art, Not Foolishly

You can take an intro to lap dancing class at a dance studio or fitness center near you for quick, in-depth instructions, but this is the most expensive option — and isn’t wise if you’re on a budget, since you will be paying an hourly rate or set fee for each class. On top of that, who’s to say that the class isn’t a farce and is being led by a failed lap dancer? For the money you’ll have to pony up, this option just isn’t wise on any level.

There are plenty of less expensive ways to learn how to do a lap dance like a pro; including online course, online videos, & how-to guides, or even a quick trip to your local strip club, where you can watch the pros in action with your own eyes.

2. Check Out DVD Lessons & Online Courses

Online lessons & how-to courses are less expensive and they offer step-by-step instructions. Also, another affordable training method available is via audio/video DVD sets, which you can purchase once and always have available.

Many DVD’s like these will teach you the basics of beginners lap dance but leave out the more “advanced” moves and techniques. Not the perfect solution for learning how to do a lap dance, but a good place to start nonetheless

3. Increase Your Fitness & Strength

Since strength and fitness are a lap dancer’s best assets, one of the most helpful lap dancing tips is to exercise regularly.

Lap Dancing

Sit-ups, crunches and jack-knife exercises are highly beneficial for strengthening your core; as are lunges and squats to strengthen and tone your leg muscles. Alternate upper and lower body workouts every other day, for a total of six workouts per week; with one day off for rest.

You didn’t really think you’d be able to become a lap dancer with extensive “coach potato” training now did you? Nope! Lap dancers are, in most cases, physically fit and well ready to “perform” for long periods of time.

I’m not saying you have to tone up into a “fitness model” or anything like that, but you will have to start getting into shape.

If you’re only learning how to do a lap dance for your husband/boyfriend, this might not be as important, as I doubt you’ll be doing it for several hours a day.

FYI; This lap dancing tip is more for “career” lap dancing enthusiasts.

4. Use What You’ve Already Got 

How to Lap DanceYou don’t have to have a lot of fancy equipment if you want to become a talented lap dancer. Your tools of the trade include a sexy, but durable & comfortable lap dancing clothes, a little makeup & accessories, and a lap.  A chair with arms sturdy enough to support your weight is adequate for practice.

5. Work On Your Moves

Crank up your sexy music and keep practicing your routines until you can do them without hesitation and without second guessing yourself. The more polished your performance, the better the end result; happier husband/boyfriend or much larger tip!

6. Wear Quality Garments

Perhaps you have an extensive lingerie wardrobe, which is fine if you only plan to dance for your mate/date. If you’re preparing for a career as a lap dancer & erotic dancer, you will want to invest in high quality, comfortable clothing; either locally or online. I highly doubt the /mart stores have the kind of lap dancing clothes you need — but feel free to look anyway.

7. Wear Shoes You Can Dance In

If you’re about to start your first gig as an exotic dancer, take care to select shoes that are approved by club management; bosses don’t want any liability issues caused by falls in stiletto heels. Be sexy, but practical. Satin ballet type slippers and sensible riding boots are still sexy, and probably the safest bet! However, if you can move in them and do your routine in them without fear of injury, then choose whatever you like.

If you’re serious about learning how to lap dance and don’t want to put anything to chance, I recommend “Lap Dance Unleashed”. It can teach you everything you want to know and more about the art of lap dancing. Read my review here…

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