Lap Dance Instructions – Basic Etiquette for Beginner Lap Dancers

If you’re wondering why men are so willing to frequent a strip club, spend on average 50% more for watered down drinks, and stuff twenty dollar bills into the bras and panties of women who, on the street might not even give them the time of day, it’s pretty simple. The ladies of the strip club scene  know how to get a guy hot and bothered; and most guys like getting hot and bothered!

There are some misconceptions about the profession, however. If you’ve ever considered pursuing a career in the field of adult entertainment, there are some basic rules and tips you’ll definitely want to know.

You Can’t Just “Jump In & Be Good”, It’s Not That Easy…

Whatever your reasons for dancing, it’s in your best interest to take beginners lap dance instructions before you perform in front of a live audience.

Lap dancing may be easy to to learn but it is not easily self-taught and you’ll be mediocre if you try it without proper instruction. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a lot for lap dance instructions at a professional dance school either. Audio presentations and how-to guides are far more affordable and “schedule friendly”. Within an hour, you can learn the basic moves, “flourishes”, and etiquette of beginner lap dancing.

Lap Dances Oh Yeah

Before giving your first live performance, you must put in some practice time. While not difficult, lap dance moves can feel awkward at first.  You don’t want to slip and fall, especially in close proximity to the target of your performance. If you hurt him – down there – he will not appreciate it in the least,  and your efforts will be for naught.

Choosing the Right Lap Dance Outfit…

Third on this list of lap dance instructions is to invest in quality lap dancing attire. That does not include the raunchy costumes you saw hanging in the costume store last Halloween.

Lap Dance ClothesBuy clothing that’s well made, easy to move around in, easy to put on and take off.  If you get a job at a strip club, you will probably work three or four ‘sets’ of two or three songs per shift. You’ll want to be fresh when you accept bookings for private dances.

If you’re  a non-pro with an audience of one boyfriend, husband or other lucky guy, you will still need  different outfits for future performances. Check online adult entertainment apparel retail sites, as well adult toy, novelty and lingerie shops for different styles of clothes and outfits.

Here’s a separate, mini-set of lap dance instructions for the working girls….

If you are a rookie, there are rules for staying in good stead with your fellow dancers,   and for your own safety.

1. Be professional and NEVER bend the rules of the house.

If there’s a no-contact policy, don’t let your client touch you, no matter how well he tips, or how much you like him. There may be local ordinances in place that consider physical contact during a lap dance as a form of prostitution. Know the law for your sake, and your employer’s.

2. Don’t perform a lap dance on the floor when another girl is on stage.

This distracts from her performance and her tips. There are back rooms for private dances. Your boss can inform you regarding proper protocol for the establishment.

3. Finally, and most importantly, have fun with it!

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