How to Do a Lap Dance – The “Must Have” Guide to Lap Dancing!

Stun Your Man With a Lap DanceIf there’s one thing that we can all say about lap dancing, it’s that it is NOT easy. Sure, there are people who like to say it’s easy, but that’s only because they know how to do it without looking like a fool and have been doing it for years.

To non-lap dancers, it might as well be rocket science — well, maybe not that advanced, but you get what I mean. Let me put it this way, riding a bike might be “easy” now, but learning to do so all those years ago wasn’t, now was it?

That’s exactly my point — it’s hard to get started, but once you learn the beginners stuff and get the basics down pat, you can quickly move on to advanced moves and become a lap dancing goddess in no time.

I learned lap dancing the old fashioned — from first hand experience, personal lessons, classes, and from so called experts in the field. But at the time, there were few options, and the resources then on how to do a lap dance aren’t nearly what they are today.

Fortunately for you lap dancing enthusiasts, you can learn what you need to in an afternoon without leaving your house, and you can even start practicing the very same day.

The easiest way to do this, of course, is with Lap Dance Unleashed — the all-in-one guide to lap dancing. It teaches you everything you want to know about lap dancing and how you can do it without looking like a fool. And believe me, most people that try to lap dance without the proper know-how look like fools.

Now, I could go on & on & on about why this is so much better/cheaper than classes, personal one-on-one lessons, and cheap DVD lessons, but I won’t waste any more of your time than I have to. Instead, I’ll just highlight the very best aspects of the guide and why it’s the absolute best tool for anyone wanting to learn how to lap dance.


– Over 10 video lessons which will take all the mystery out of learning how to lap dance like a pro. See the moves with your own eyes!

– An 8-part well detailed guide explaining the moves, steps and routines often used by the top professional exotic dancers.

 – Contains Over 50 large, full-resolution pictures – they show you EXACTLY how to perform each of the steps & moves – makes learning super easy & even fun.

– All Instant Online Videos. You can watch them anywhere, at anytime, from any computer. No shipping, no lengthy downloads, and no “physical evidence” (I.E. embarrassment) of what you’re doing.

– Find out what to wear and how to wear it for the best performance. Lap dancing clothes are often just as important as the dance itself! Picking the wrong outfit could ruin the entire performance!

– How to pick the hottest, most seductive music for your performance. Music is another overlooked aspect, but it can make all the difference.

– Simple Secrets to Seduce Any Man (World’s Most Powerful Aphrodisiac Revealed!)

– A 30-minute, in-depth audio interview with Tiffany Claire and Jay Archer (Lap Dancing Experts), answering your most important questions about giving a lapdance.

…Check Out The Website of Lap Dance Unleashed to Learn More About It…

Those features by themselves are fantastic and nothing more is really needed (in my opinion), but a bonus offer is thrown on top just to sweeten the deal a bit more…

(4 Free reports, Instant Downloads)
1) Unleash Your Sensual Confidence

2) The Erotic Tutorial
3) Eliminate Nerves & Jitters
4) 5 Tips To Look Good Naked

I often forget that many people have severe self-confidence issues and the idea of lap dancing for a husband or boyfriend scares them senseless.

That’s why these 4 reports are such a great bonus; as they’ll tell you exactly how to get over these fears quickly and effortlessly.

The 8 parts that the course is broken down into are so thorough and refined that no question will go unanswered & no move will go unmentioned. You’ll be able to flow from one part to the next without any trouble, guaranteed.

Does It Really Work?

Well, this isn’t a skin cream or remedy, so I can’t just say “YES, It Works!”

If you use “Lap Dance Unleashed” as it’s outlined and follow the instructions as they are laid out for you, then yeah, it “works” and will indeed teach you how to do a lap dance like a pro.

I’ll even go as far to say that you could become a professional erotic dancer if you wanted to — that’s how good “Lap Dance Unleashed” really is.

However, and this is very important, if you “skim” it and pay no attention to the tips, advice, and instructions, then no, it won’t have any impact on your lap dancing performance. It’ll do nothing for you.

The information and guidance is laid out in plain language that anyone can understand, you just have to follow it. That said; Read the guide, watch the videos, follow the instruction, and practice. Do that and you WILL master the art of lap dancing, guaranteed.

How Much Does it Cost?

It normally costs $47 for “Lap Dance Unleashed”, but recently, they cut $20 bucks off the price, making it now $27 total — which is quite the steal in my opinion. I don’t know if this is a temporary sale OR if it’s a permanent price reduction — it’s more than likely a temporary sale, in my opinion.

I thought it was a pretty good deal at $47, because even that price is still light years better than spending $100’s on classes and personal lap dancing lessons over weeks & weeks.

At $27, well, it’s really a no-brainer in my book, as you can literally learn everything you need to about lap dancing for LESS THAN the cost of dinner for 2 at a nice restuarant.

And not that it needs one, but a 60-day, money back guarantee is also offered in case your unsatisfied for some reason. I can’t imagine anyone would be disappointed with what “Lap Dance Unleashed” has to offer, but at least you have the option in case you’re unhappy.

Update: There is now a $47 option again and it’s for the “Ultimate Fantasy Package”. The extra stuff doesn’t have anything to do with lap dancing as far as I can tell — it’s more about erotic relationship stuff. I haven’t read the material or seen it, so I can’t really comment. It’s up to you if you want to spend the extra $20 on that.

Lap Dancing

Is “Lap Dance Unleashed” Worth It?

Absolutely. If you’re eager to learn how to do a lap dance — be it for your husband, boyfriend, or you want to make a career out of it — then “Lap Dance Unleashed” is a must-have. It’s cheap, easy to understand and follow, and it legitimately shows you how to do a lap dance like a pro.

Now, am I saying you MUST get “Lap Dance Unleashed” in order to learn how to do a lap dance? Not at all.

big thumbs upIt’s very possible to learn how to do a lap dance all on your own from videos, free how-to guides, pictures, and even forums. However, learning this way is going to take a lot of time and trial and error.

I don’t know how much your time is worth, but for $27, I’d rather get the information in a nice, neatly packaged bundle instead of gathering every piece of information by myself. Sorting through thousands of pages of crap & non-sense videos to find a few golden nuggets of information is not my idea of a good time — but hey, it’s your call.  =====> Go to The “Lap Dance Unleashed” Website Now

Well, if you’re still not convinced, even after everything I’ve told you, then perhaps some testimonials will help make up your mind. These are from real customers of “Lap Dance Unleashed”, take a look…

Okay, I’m Convinced — Take Me To “Lap Dance Unleashed” Now

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