The Art of Seductive Lap Dancing – Surprise Your Man!

Lap DanceIf you’re looking for a way to keep your man at home, re-light the fires of passion and make certain you’re the only woman he fantasizes about, treating him to a surprise lap dance is one fool proof way to make all that happen. This article is designed to let you in on a little secret about what your man really wants in a woman, and why capitalizing on this secret can help you maintain a happy, healthy, sizzling hot, sexy relationship with your man.

~ What a Man Wants ~

Nothing turns a man on like being teased by a woman who loves sex as much as he does! What man wouldn’t want a sexually confident woman who enjoys turning her man on? Most men fantasize about a woman who’s a lady in the boardroom and a vamp in the bedroom!

Unfortunately for most couples, after the courtship is over and the newness of the relationship has begun to fade, sex becomes a routine; and often a boring one at that. Men are hard-wired to be sexually motivated by visual stimulation. They also crave originality and the thrill of seduction and conquest. It really doesn’t matter much who’s doing the seduction and conquering, either.

The point is this: the same old sexual routine of a long term relationship may become boring for most men. When or if that happens, there’s a chance that some men will stray. This does not mean that your man will cheat on you. But he may fantasize about other women, such as the centerfold models in the porn magazines, the gals at the office or the flirty waitress at the cafe where he eats lunch every day.

~ Become Your Man’s Fantasy ~

Even if you’re not a classic beauty, and you’re not as thin as you think you should be, you can make sure you’re the only woman your man ever thinks about!

Even if you’ve never done anything like lap dancing before, you can learn how to give him a sensual, seductive lap dance that is guaranteed to turn him on! When a a self assured woman who’s confident of her own sexual prowess walks into a crowded room, every man looks her way. They can’t help but think she’s sexy!

The problem for most women is that they don’t know how to move the way she does, the way a talented exotic entertainer does during a lap dance. Fortunately, the skills necessary to give a stimulating lap dance can be taught to anyone who’s willing to learn them!

~ It’s Not Just Pornography ~

Sexy Lap DanceThere are women who would balk at the idea of lap dancing for any man, because they consider it a vulgar form of live pornography. But high levels of skill, athleticism and creativity can qualify this type of erotic entertainment as a true art form.

The classic lap dance can transcend raw sexual eroticism, although it’s hard to defend that point of view if all you’re doing is thrusting your pelvis to the beat of the music. The best lap dancers work very hard to choreograph and produce artistic, visually stunning erotic performances.

The best lap dances are combination gymnastics, belly dancing, modern dance and traditional ballet moves, which require impressive physical and artistic abilities. But that’s not all… a certain mental agility is required for a dancer to produce a performance that is both alluring and seductive — not to mention “arousing”.

~ Take Time to Develop Your Skill ~

Learning the art of lap dancing isn’t particularly difficult. With the right motivation and a little practice, you can learn to lap dance in a relatively short time. Then you will know how to make the kind of moves that will definitely seduce your man!

Keep in mind, however, that learning the erotic art of lap dancing isn’t particularly easy, either. There are certain moves and other elements of dance that you should study and practice if you want to develop skills as your man’s favorite lap dancer.

You may decide to take lap dancing lessons, so you can develop the confidence to put on a scintillating performance for your man. That should keep him home at night, and fantasizing about you during the day!

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