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You can spend days, if not weeks, of your free time looking for information on how to lap dance and striptease (like an amateur) OR you could grab this simple, step by step guide and reach the same level of confidence & experience as any these women…

“I have tried a few of the techniques [in Lapdance Unleashed] and he just goes nuts every time! He always notices there is something new and lately he makes more and more comments about how amazing I am and how much he loves our sex life.” — Sara, Connecticut

“Lap Dance Unleashed made me think about things I can do everyday to be the sexy woman that my husband thinks about throughout the day…. I am more to him than his wife and mother of his children, I am now the sexy, confident woman that he hurries home to!” — Jennifer, United Kingdom

Lap Dance Unleashed has increased my confidence level, I now am able to think of myself as sexy, especially for my man, which extremely pleases him.” — J.P., New York

“I definitely have more confidence and understand some of the things he has been trying to tell me for a long time…. my confidence and comfort turns him on which I didn’t know before. Being raised as a “good Catholic girl” made me very shy and self conscious about my body and sexuality….it helped me come out of my shell! I highly recommend this course.
— Noreen, Florida

“My guy was absolutely amazed and now calls me ‘my sexy dancer’
— Holly, United Kingdom

“My husband loves it when I dance for him now. He told me that I could make so much money if I were to actually become a stripper. That I had no idea how good I looked and how sexy it was for me to dance in front of him like that. This surprised me because I was so nervous at first. It was awesome to see his reaction when I slapped his hand away when he tried to touch me! He loved the aggression and dominance I had over him.”
— Kristin, California

Lapdance Unleashed took me to new level of hotness in his mind – and I was already pretty far up there to hear him say that. It also made me realize how sexy I am and how much my man loves the chase.”
— Leslie, Toronto Canada

“I did try some of the tips… and wow was I pleased how much they worked. I feel like I have this power over him. I’m able to turn him on like never before…and he loves it.”
— H.K., Texas

To my surprise & delight my husband was all over me within the first 5 minutes of the lapdance. I had to keep pulling away from him. I have strip danced for him before but he didn’t like it. Not sure what makes the lap dance so different. My 2nd lap dance for him was great too… I made my breasts pop out of my baby doll & that brought out an audible moan from him which surprised me. To be honest I still can’t believe how well some of the techniques and moves worked.”
— Jessica D., New Mexico



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Note: Some of the names above have been changed at the request of our customers to protect their privacy.

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