Reasons to Lap Dance – It’s Not Just For Strippers!

StrippersMost folks, when they hear the term ‘lap dancing,’ automatically think of strippers and topless bars in the sometimes shadowy world of adult entertainment.  While it is true that lap dancing occurs at such locales, these are by no means the only places where the practice of this ancient art takes place.

Although technically not the ‘world’s oldest profession,’ seductive dancing has been occurring since the beginning of… well, since the beginning!

Whether as part of sacred reproductive ceremonies in tribal and pagan cultures, a well paying temporary job, career path,  or just for the fun of it; women have been dancing to trigger sexual arousal in men forever. That’s a fact not likely to change any time soon.

Lap DanceThese days, lap dances are by no means limited to the repertoire of professional strippers. The modern lap dance has become an enjoyable and stimulating mating ritual performed by women for their husbands/boyfriends; a fun and stimulating form of exercise dance, a challenging new skill to learn – either as a hobby or, yes – a means by which a woman can seduce a man for whatever purposes.

Furthermore, lap dancing does remain one of the more lucrative methods of earning a decent living, if you’ve got the skills and know how to use them. Not to mention, lap dancing is a relatively easy job which offers flexible scheduling. Many students dance professionally to pay for their education and living expenses.

Other women make a career of lap dancing, working throughout their late teens and twenties into their thirties and beyond. Lap dancing is after all, good exercise that can help anyone stay in great physical shape. You might think that sounds ridiculous — but when was the last time you saw an overweight lap dancer?

There are also some women who want to become proficient at giving lap dances because this gives them another tool of seduction to use for attracting men, since human male usually does respond quite readily to the visual and occasional tactile stimulation that are inherently applied during a lap dance. For most men, the lap dance is “hook, line, and sinker” as they put it.

Lap Dancing

Whether her style is more shimmy and shake, look but don’t touch, “touch but not too much”,  or use your imagination, any woman with a little talent can exercise a lot of influence over just about any man.

So, whether you’re looking for a relatively easy career that pays well; you want to surprise your special guy or spice up your relationship; whether you want to learn a new skill for the exercise or the fun of it; or if you’re one of those ladies who can’t resist engaging her substantial influence over men; then learning how to do a seductive lap dance is definitely worth your time and effort!

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